About Tuk Tuk Rental, Sri Lanka.

We are the number one company in Sri Lanka for Tuk Tuk Rental, Training and Certification.
As many people have watched Tuk Tuk in videos only and they don't know nothing about it.
We will introduce you the Tuk Tuk in quick time
We are glad that no one faild in the traing in our service. When you are ready to come Sri Lanka, get your visas first. Then write to us about your days of tour here. We will send you all the details of how to hire a tuk tuk from us and to tour Sri lanka with your partner.

Top Tuk Tuk Rental Provider.

  1. Tuk Tuk is cost effective so you don't need to depend on others for to travel places.
  2. Tuk Tuk vehicle is running on three wheels and its engine is gooled by the air flow.
  3. We have lot of colored Tuk Tuk for you to select from.
  4. The engine is fired by a single spark plug and it can be simply replaced, if necessary.
  5. The engine sump is filled with lubricating oil and it is very rare to get leak.
  6. Our tuk tuk engines provides good sound. So there will be no noise pollution.
  7. Traveling on normal speed it won't topple. So it is very safe.
  8. There is no regulation for to wear helmets while driving a Tuk Tuk.
  9. Our Tuk Tuk machines are weather proofed one.You can run on hot road or on rainy day
  10. Each machine comes with a special reversing gear. It is very easy to use them.
  11. Don't allow others to drive, if they don't have our driving liscense. It is an offence.
  12. All overSri Lanka there are petrol stations with digital meters.
  13. There is no way to cheat you when filling.
  14. Using Tuk Tuk will provide you great experience in Sri lanka!
  15. TUK TUK gives you freedom to travel.
  16. 24 hours phone support available from us.

0044 7733366766 (WhatsApp)